Tilt panel construction Geelong

BMI Constructions specialise in professional tilt panel construction for commercial and industrial projects in the Geelong and surrounding areas. This popular element of construction refers to the fabrication of large concrete panels, typically done onsite, followed by the erection, tilt and fastening of the panel into its final position.

Our team, thoroughly trained and certified, believe that tilt panels offer clients of various types a wealth of benefits, notably the increased efficiency and speed of the entire construction process.  Since they are cast and developed at the site of construction, the operation of lifting and tilting is highly time-effective and not overly complicated to execute.

Tilt panel construction services also ensure that your project is built with the best quality materials, that will last the test of time. Concrete has been used for decades in construction, which comes as no surprise considering the fact it is fire-resistant, highly durable, rodent-proof, and has a low carbon foot print. Concrete is incredibly strong and has the longevity to withstand anything thrown its way.

The way that tilt panels are constructed allows for them to lend themselves to a variety of styles and aesthetics. Whether your building desires an industrial look or wants to appear more creative, tilt panels are the perfect way to achieve this in unbeatable time to an unbeatable price.

The BMI Constructions team are happy to explain further why tilt panel construction is a suitable service for your industrial or commercial build project in Geelong, as well as answer any questions you may have. We can also take you through our comprehensive project management services available in Geelong when you give us a call on 03 5222 7550 today.